In Utah from 2012-2016 in youths 17 years and younger:

  • There were 80 firearm suicides. Youth firearm suicide increased from 12 in 2012 to 19 in 2016. *
  • Firearms were involved in 49% of all youth suicides.*
  • There were 47 hospitalizations related to firearms (including unintentional, assault, and self-inflicted injuries), an average of more than 9 per year.* (2012-2016)
  • Utah has the highest birth rate in the country and has a high rate of gun ownership.
  • Having access to a gun at home makes the risk of suicide 3-5 times more likely**
  • Guns are the most lethal method of suicide. 80.3% of attempts are lethal compared to 39.5% and .2% for pill ingestion.***
  • 22% of children with gun-owning parents have handled the firearms without their parents knowledge.****
  • Only 56% of parents with guns keep all their guns unloaded and locked away. 31% keep at least one unlocked and 13% keep at least one loaded.***
*Indicator Based Information System for Public Health (IBIS-PH)