Firearms and ammunition locking and storage devices can be purchased wherever guns or firearms accessories are sold:

  • Sporting good stores
  • Gun stores
  • Locksmiths
  • Discount stores
  • ‘Big box’ stores
  • Firing ranges

A simple online search with the keywords:

‘firearm safe storage’ or ‘firearm lock’ can help you locate additional purchasing information and online retailers.


Cable Lock 2

Cost:  Free to $20+

What it is:  A device that blocks the chamber and prevents a cartridge from being fired.

How it works: Cable locks are inserted in or through the magazine well or chamber, or the gun barrel and chamber to block a cartridge from moving into position. A combination or key opens the lock.

Features:  Metal cylinders, vinyl covered wire cables, etc. Locks may be universal or may only fit certain revolver or pistol models. Some even have anti-tamper alarms.


  • Long cables may be threaded through several guns
  • Very inexpensive


  • Thin cables can be cut



Trigger Lock 1

Cost: $5 to $35+

What it is: A two piece lock that fits through the trigger guard.

How it works: A rigid cylinder fits behind the trigger so it cannot be pulled. A push-button keypad, combination, or key opens the lock.

Features: Some models have battery operated locks, lighted keypads and anti-tamper alarms.


  • Inexpensive
  • Widely Available
  • Quick access keypad models


  • Some models will not prevent access by older children or teens.
  • May not prevent theft, since some may be removed easily.
  • Some break easily



Personalized Gun Lock

Cost: High

What it is: A safety device permanently installed on a gun by the maker or owner.

How it works: Some have a built in key or combination lock. Others are guns specially designed with a magnetic or electronic lock that only the owner can fire while wearing a special ring, bracelet or other device. New higher tech models have’ biometric grip technology’ that recognizes the grip of the owner.

Features: The lock is either part of the gun design or is an after-market add-on.  It may contain magnetic or electronic components.  This technology is evolving as demand increases.




Cost: $40 to $200+

What it is:  A small safe designed to store a gun/guns or ammunition.

How it works: Guns or ammunition are locked in a box . A push-button, combination, digital keypad or key opens the lock.

Features:  Most models have holes in the bottom to allow permanent mounting. Some have lighted locks for access in the dark. Most have padded interiors.


  • Quick access if the lock is push-button or digital
  • Difficult to steal if permanently mounted
  • May allow storage for more than one handgun
  • Keeps gun and ammunition out of sight


  • Costs more than a trigger or cable lock.
  • Portable boxes can be stolen and pried open by criminals.




Gun Safe

Cost: $100 to $2,000+

How it works: Firearms or ammunition are locked inside the vault. A push-button, combination or digital keypad opens the lock.

Features: Gun safes vary widely in size and features. Some are small and simple, others are large and visually attractive.


  • Difficult to steal
  • Allows storage of numerous long guns and handguns, as well as personal items
  • Many are fire resistant
  • Safes keep guns, ammunitions and other valuables out of sight


  • Higher cost in comparison to the alternatives
  • Larger models are heavy and difficult to move




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